A primary goal of the National Leadership Consortium is to promote knowledge and skills in disabilities field leaders that will advance best practices in services and supports for people with disabilities. To support this, we produce a variety of publications to bridge the gap between evidence-based approaches, research, and practices in the real world:


The Bulletin is a cost-free, web-based publication distributed quarterly that is dedicated to providing timely, relevant, trustworthy, and thought-provoking ideas and information to the field. The Bulletin offers practitioners evidence-based approaches, first-hand accounts of cutting-edge initiatives, and useful information about trends and best practices to advance the missions of their organizations and the improve outcomes for people with disabilities. Each issue centers on a theme that is relevant and timely to the field and helps the reader understand how research can be applied in their role.

Research Briefs

Research Briefs are one- or two-page summaries of National Leadership Consortium research highlighting results of longitudinal data collected from more than 3,000 Leadership Institute graduates. Our database houses information from the past 17 years that illustrates the trends in the field, impact of our programs, and perspectives from leaders of disabilities organizations across the nations.


The National Leadership Consortium often conducts national and regional research for grant funded projects which result in reports packed with information aimed at advancing the rights, services, and supports for people with disabilities. Read our research about the important topics of self-directed services and supports, future financial planning for people with disabilities, and more in our reports.

Annual Reports

Reflect on the previous programs and projects facilitated by the National Leadership Consortium in our Annual Reports. Annual Reports contain a summary of our strategic priorities, initiatives, impact on the field, and projects we are excited about in the coming year. Our By the Numbers page of the report gives a snapshot of our popular trainings and webinars, while the Impact of the National Leadership Consortium Training Programs highlights our positive impact to the field.