Organizational Priorities and Practices Inventory

The Organizational Priorities and Practices Inventory (OPPI) is a tool that disabilities service sector agencies can use to assess what they do, how they operate, how they support their employees to grow and succeed, and ultimately their commitment to advancing the rights and dignity of people with disabilities. Agencies can use the information gathered from this nationally validated survey to inform the development of strategic goals, conduct environmental scans, and inform employees, board members, and stakeholders of organizational strengths.

The OPPI helps organizations holistically evaluate and enhance their practices and structures based on six areas of evidence-based best practice:

  • Autonomy, Decision Making, and Control for People with Disabilities
  • Community Living, Employment, and Engagement for People with Disabilities
  • Stakeholder Input to Organizational Management and Governance
  • Staff Participation, Value, Impact, and Support
  • Leadership Strength and Skill Development
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
The OPPI has already been used by hundreds of disability organizations in its development stages and has informed the direction and strategic goals of leaders across the country. This tool is for agencies that directly provide, oversee, support, fund, evaluate, or otherwise impact services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Organizational Priorities and Practices Inventory was created to be an easy-to-take survey for everyone working in your organization. On average, it takes people 12-15 minutes to complete. Once employees have finished taking the OPPI, a comprehensive organizational report will be generated that compares how different levels and types of employees responded.

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