Advancing Strong Leadership
Presenter: Nancy Thaler - View Presentation

The Future of Supports for People with Disabilities
Presenter: Diane McComb - View Presentation

Avoiding Burn Out
The joy of the disability field is doing work that you know is important and changes lives; the risk is burn out. This session will help participants identify the causes of burn out, whether you are at risk for burn out and ways to prevent and recover from the loss of energy and motivation that burnout can cause.
Presenter: Duncan Munn - View Presentation

Creating Sustainable Funding by Building Relationships with Community Members and Potential Donors
While some of the examples used in this webinar describe more traditional services than we promote, this method of building a donor base has much to offer organizations in our field.
Presenter: Terry Axelrod of Benevon (http://www.benevon.com) - View Presentation

How Developmental Disability Agencies Can Work with Media—Take Advantage of Opportunities for Public Relations & Marketing
Presenter: Sherie Wallace - View Presentation

Ethical Leadership: Working with Nonprofit Boards
Speaker: Steven Eidelman, October 22, 2009 - View Presentation

Getting it All Done
Speaker: Mike Mayer, August 27, 2009 - View Presentation

Building on Strengths to Invigorate Your Organization and Be a Better Leader
Speaker: Cindy Haworth, May 28, 2009 - View Presentation



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