leadership The opportunities people with disabilities experience today are the result of leadership in the disability community yesterday; the opportunities of the future will be the result of leadership that emerges today. To not invest in future leadership is at best to leave the future of persons with disabilities in doubt, at worst it is to not care about that future. Opportunities
~ K. Charlie Lakin

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If we are going to make quality lives for adults with developmental disabilities available on a large scale, we need to assure a rich supply of skilled leaders who are passionate about quality, have the management and financial skills needed to run solid not-for-profit businesses and government agencies, are capable of assembling top-notch teams of caring staff, and have a solid commitment to progressive values.

Today’s leaders in the Developmental Disabilities field entered the field with a passion for social justice at a time when service models were much simpler. The National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities has been established at the University of Delaware to support the next generation of leaders. We are working in partnership with the major national developmental disability organizations to offer a variety of short-term, intensive leadership development experiences, an on-line certificate program, undergraduate- and graduate-level campus based programs, distance learning opportunities, mentoring opportunities, a resource-rich website as well as research and technical assistance. Learn more about the programs and activities of the National Leadership Consortium.

The National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities is a program of the University of Delaware’s Department of Human Development and Family Studies.